PAPOY TOKEN a cryptocurrency project that will have an exchange | the world of crypto currency is increasingly endemic even almost all countries in the world are familiar with the term crypto currency, a digital asset that was discovered or created by a group of people named shatosi.

Recently, a crypto project called PAPOY TOKEN appeared where this Papoy token has a very clear project, besides that this Papoy token is a charity token for victims affected by covid 19 which is currently happening in almost all countries, Papoy token or this crypto currency project has the main goal of becoming a DEX and CEX

which later the platform will be called PAPOY Exchange, a project that wants to make the nation proud and bring it to the world, Papoy token was born from the Indonesian state led by one of the people who are experts in smart contracts in Indonesia, have real goals and are clearly one that crypto currency investors covet

PAPOY Exchange will be realized in 2022, for more details about this information you can visit the official website of Papoy Token   


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